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"Artzy" Art during World War II

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Letter #3--Jewish response needed

Read the following letter written by a US soldier to his family in the United States.  Write a 1-2 page response to his family. regarding this letter.  Remember that you are writing to this soldier's parents as an elderly Jewish person in Europe during the same time.

Letter from George Hynes

Amberley Stalion, Australia
Jan. 26, 1941

Dearest Folks,

We are taking off tomorrow morning on a secret mission. I hope to be able to bring my ship through so that I can be of some help in saving the lives of my friends.

If I get through you wonít get this, for this will be mailed after Iíve gone.

Please donít let my going change your life too much. I know that Iím the only son. Remember that I did try to make a success of myself and make you two feel proud of me.

About my shipó Itís really beautiful. My name is painted on the left hand side of the cowling. My ... chief has taught me plenty on how to take care of it. I thought I knew something about air planes before I came here, but I really found out how dumb I was.

My foot locker will be home before this will, so if you havenít opened it before this gets there go ahead and dispose of the clothing in any way you see fit. Only one thing- I want Dad to have my camera.

Mother, please take it easy. You and Dad deserve so much. You two really made me appreciate a good home- If everyone had the swell parents and good home that I have had there would be nothing like this happening.

Pray for me and God bless you.

Your loving son,
George Jr.


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