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"Artzy" Art during World War II

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"Battle of Britain" Demo

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Take to the sky in the latest simulation from the makers of Flying Corp and MiG Alley. Fly for the RAF or Luftwaffe as either a pilot or commander in a game that recreates some of the most decisive air battles of the Second World War. With over 800 miles of airspace and 5 different flyable aircraft 'Rowans Battle of Britain' brings to life the skill and courage required to battle against a seemingly invincible enemy.

Demo File Size: 18 MB

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European Air War
Take to the skies over Europe during the most dangerous days of World War II. Pilot 20 authentic fighter aircraft from Great Britain, Germany and the United States. Defend the skies of southern England from waves of German bombers, fight off harrying Messerschmitts while escorting B-17s deep into the heart of the Third Reich, or engage in savage dogfights over France. Unsurpassed graphics and a dynamic game world will captivate you in this sequel to the critically acclaimed and award-winning 1942: Pacific Air War .

System requirements:
P166 - 32MB

File Name: EAW_us_demo.EXE
File Size: 14.3mb

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IL-2 Sturmovik
Developer: 1C Maddox Games
Publisher: Ubi Soft
Rating: 41.3 (267 votes) [Rate this Demo]
Downloads: 43875

146 MB  Playable Demo | Flight Sim | Updated: 1/22/02 | Official Site

Min. Requirements:
PII 300, 64MB RAM, 3D accel., Win9x

In IL-2 Sturmovik you will be able to fly the IL-2 and its derivatives as well as many other Russian and German aircraft. When you fly the IL-2, you will attack German tank columns at treetop level, dodge deadly flak and avoid the covering Bf-109s.

The demo includes three flyable planes (the IL-2M2, Bf-109G-2 and P-39N-1), AI planes and ground units, one single-player area centered around Smolensk, a quick mission builder, and a multiplayer map for LAN and Internet play with up to four pilots.

The updated demo contains three new flyable planes, more AI planes and ground units, a new single-player map and other enhancements.

HTTP: IL2DEMOV20.ZIP - from 3D Gamers
HTTP: IL2DEMOV20.ZIP - from FilePlanet

Download Time: 56k: 6h 5m | 384k: 49 Min. | 1.5Mb: 13 Min. | Calculate