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"Artzy" Art during World War II

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World War II First Person Accounts, Letters Home, Diaries, & Journals

Updated February 27, 2003

"Loose Lips Sink Ships" - Instructions to Soldiers on what(and what not) to write back home.
    Dad's War: Finding and Telling Your Father's World War II Story, by Wesley Johnston
  Rutgers Oral History Archives of WW-II 
  EyeWitnees To World War Two 
  The World War II Oral History Project 
  PERSONAL ACCOUNTS: TRAINING - European Theater - Pacific Theater - The Early Raids - Raid on Norway - North Africa - Italy - Sicily - Normandy - Southern France - Operation Market-Garden - Battle of the Bulge - The Last Battles - Axis accounts  
  American Experience | War Letters 
  Educators' WW II memories form digital oral history 
  World War II, An American Scrapbook
  Private Art: WWII Letters To and From Home 
  Writings of War Correspondent Ernie Pyle 
  Scrapbook of Memories from Navy Veterans Aboard LCI(L)489 
   PHOTO DIARY: The Russian Campaign 1941-1945  A photo diary 
  Bastogne - Dec. 1944, a journal 
  Living Through the Götterdämmerung of the Third Reich 
  Anonymous Woman Diarist in Berlin 
  Deliverance It has Come; WWII POW Diary 1942-1945 
  Gerard Henry Fanning 
   The Private Diary of Staff Sgt. Wm. K. Jennings 
  Sgt.William Heller's World War II Memoirs-3rd Infantry Division 
  World War 2, A B-17 aircraft pilot's letters home
Memories Project: Stories from the 1940's
WWII Interviews of Japanese on Their Homefront
Kathleen's story: Bombed in the London Blitz
Violette's story: Paris is occupied
Helene's story: We are occupied by the German army
Clickable map of Europe: Personal War Stories by Country
Memories Project: Stories of life during the War.
Angels of Mercy: Nurses' Tales
Voices of D-Day
World War II Memories - A British Focus
World War II, Hopefully the Last War
British WWII Evacuee's Discussion Group
Preveli Project- a Battle of Crete veteran's story
   WWII Personal Histories -
"Unforgettable Letters" from the United States Postal Service - When you reach this site, click on Letters From The Front.
    World War II Preservation Society - Oral Histories of the War
    World War II's Biggest Troop Movement
   WWII Marine's Memoirs: From Butte to Iwo Jima
A Marine Diary: My Experiences on Guadalcanal 
A Soldier's Photo Album
  The Letters of Private Melvin W. Johnson 
  WW2 Pilot Memories 
    Voice from the Stars - A Pathfinders Story, by Tom Scotland 
Capture of the U-Boat U-505: A Personal Account
Veterans/World War 2/My Dad's Story
   World War II Quotes & Links
One Man's War 
  I B Nease, USNR, Retired - USS Arizona Memorial Page
Louisiana Selected Man: the Oral History of a World War II veteran
Voice of Hibakusha: Eye-witness accounts of the bombing of Hiroshima

Art done by veterans is available on my WWII Propaganda, Cartoons, Art page.

More Primary Documents available on my WWII Primary Documents page.

More personal accounts available on specific topic pages on my Main WWII page.


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