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"Artzy" Art during World War II

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The Elderly Jewish person's Perspective

Use the following resources to answer the questions towards the bottom of the page.  Keep in mind that you are an elderly Jewish person in Europe during World War II when you are answering the questions.  Answer them as this person would answer them.


Answer the following questions:

1.  What is your name?  Find the name of a jewish person with whom you can identify yourself.

2.  What country were you living in before you were forced to move by the Germans?

3.  What exactly happened initially to your family when the Germans occupied the area you lived in?

4.  Were you able to find refuge?  Were you able to escape before the Nazis had a chance to take you and your family to a concentration camp?

5.  What was a concentration camp?  What kind of things happened there?

6.  What were people led to believe in the beginning about concentration camps?

7.  Why were Jews so hated by the Germans?

8.  How does the treatment of Jews by the Nazis compare or contrast to slavery?

9.  Who was Schindler?  What did he do for the Jewish people?

10.  Why didn't the U.S. help the Jewish people more than they did?  In what ways did they help?

11.  What does the term holocaust mean, literally?  Define Genocide.

12.  How are Jewish people treated today, especially in the United States?

For a better clarification of how the Jewish people, along with gypsies and homosexuals were treated in Nazi German, take a hard look at the techniques for extermination at Auschwitz--


Step 3:  Draw out a timeline of events during 1939-1945 that directly involved the United States in some way.  You will need this timeline for future activities.  Include as many major events that you can find in the resources above.  The following links will take you to easy to follow outlines of World War II.

World War II Home

WWII Chronology--


Step 4:  Click on the following link and read the letter written by someone else who was directly involved with the war, yet in different ways.  As a US soldier with the above information in mind, write a 1-2 page response to the letter.  Check the evaluation rubric as to how you will be graded on your response.


Step 5:  Click on the following link, which will take you to the group activities.  Keep all of your notes from this page.  You will need them for the group activities.

Group activities