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"Artzy" Art during World War II

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Unit Objectives

Objective 1:  Students will learn to effectively analyze works of art from a specific time period in history.

Objective 2:  Students will demonstrate a knowledge of literary terms used in reference to artwork, literature, and world history.

Objective 3:  Students will demonstrate artistic competence in the following areas:

                                                drawing human features

                                                drawing/constructing machinery

                                                juxtaposing human qualities and inanimate objects

                                                illustrating written works


                                                using a digital camera (optional)

Objective 4:  Students will demonstrate an understanding of the interrelationships between world history and art history, specifically during the 1940's.

Objective 5:  Students will analyze and utilize the direct effects of societal issues on artwork.

Objective 6.  Students will effectively respond to various types of written works, with correct grammatical skills.

Objective 7:  Students will research given topics that pertain to World War II, using a variety of resources, including, but not limited to, literary sources, visual sources, and the World Wide Web.

Objective 8:  Students will demonstrate basic technical skills in using the Internet for research purposes.