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"Artzy" Art during World War II

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The Japanese Bomber pilot perspective

Use the following resources to answer the questions at the bottom of the page.  Keep in mind that you are a Japanese Bomber pilot during World War II.  Take on that role as you answer the questions.

If you need more resources, go to and type in "Japanese in World War II" in the search line.

Answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper.  You will need your responses for the group activities.

1.  What is your name?  Find a Japanese name that you can use as a reference for yourself.

2.  You are a bomber pilot.  Were you involved in the attack on Pearl Harbor?  Find out some information about that attack--answer WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHY, and HOW.

3.  Why did the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor?

4.  Do you think that Japan was justified in attacking the U.S.?

5.  What do you think about the Americans' response to Japan after the attack on Pearl Harbor?

6.  What is your opinion about the way America treated Japanese-Americans?

7.  Who was the leader of the Japanese military?  What kind of man was he?

8.  Do you have any family members in Japan?  If you did have some, would you be concerned about their safety and well-being?  Why or why not?

9.  What was Japan's relationship with Germany?

10.  If you could take back the attack on Pearl Harbor, what might you have done instead?

11.  What are Iwo Jima and Hiroshima and how did they affect your country?

12.  How were your loved ones affected by the bombings?

13.  What is a kamikaze and what is it's purpose?

Look at the following Japanese propaganda images by clicking on these links:

Japanese posters

Answer the next few questions in regards to these images, keeping in mind that you are playing the part of a Japanese bomber pilot.  In that role, answer the questions.

14.  What do these pictures communicate about the Japanese people?

15.  Just from these pictures, how would you describe the Japanese attaitudes about the war?

16.  From the images, what would you guess was the American attitude towards the Japanese?

Step 2:  From the resources above and other resources you find, draw out a timeline of events that occurred between 1939 and 1945 that directly involved Japan in some way.  You will need this timeline for further reference later.  Using the following guidelines to help you.

World War II Home

WWII Chronology--

Step 3:  Keeping in mind who your character is, follow the link to the letter, which you will need to read and respond to in a 1-2 page written format, as a Japanese bomber pilot.


Step 4:  After you have written your response to the letter, click on the following link, which will take you to the Group activities page.

Group activities