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"Artzy" Art during World War II

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The U. S. Soldier's Perspective

Use the following resources to answer the questions below.  Keep in mind that you are a U.S. soldier, serving in World War II, when you are answering the questions.  Answer them as that character.

Resources:  These are just a few of the sites available.  You might need to conduct a search for more specific information in order to answer the questions.



Answer these questions on a separate sheet of paper.  You will need your responses for future activities.   Remember that you are answering as a U.S. Soldier.


  1. What is your name and rank?  What branch of the military do you serve under?
  2. Who was FDR?  What were the “4 Freedoms”?
  3. What was the purpose of the Manhattan Project?
  4. How do you feel about America’s treatment of Japanese-Americans?  Describe how they were treated.
  5. Why weren’t German-Americans treated in this same fashion?
  6. Who were the “PinUps”?  How did these affect U.S. soldiers?
  7. What was the general attitude of America about the war?
  8. Why did America get involved in World War II at all?
  9. What major events in the war did you personally witness?
  10. Were you on the front lines or somewhere else?  What was the difference between being on the ground as opposed to being on a submarine or plane, etc.?
  11. What was your opinion of the Germans in the war?  Were you aware of the things going on in Germany

Look at the following websites that cover propaganda posters.  Using these posters, answer the following questions from a U.S. Soldier's perspective.


12.  In U.S. war posters, why are there very little if no African-Americans pictured?  What were the U.S. attitudes towards ethnic groups during the war, as communicated through the multitude of propaganda images?

13.  Why did the U.S. media, including propaganda posters, not show the horrible side of the war, like images of death?

14.  What seem to be the major themes of the war posters that you have looked at?  Why were these themes important?

Step 3:  Draw out a timeline of events during 1939-1945 that directly involved the United States in some way.  You will need this timeline for future activities.  Include as many major events that you can find in the resources above.  The following links will take you to easy to follow outlines of World War II.

World War II Home

WWII Chronology--


Step 4:  Click on the following link and read the letter written by someone else who was directly involved with the war, yet in different ways.  As a US soldier with the above information in mind, write a 1-2 page response to the letter.  Check the evaluation rubric as to how you will be graded on your response.


Step 5:  Click on the following link, which will take you to the group activities.  Keep all of your notes from this page.  You will need them for the group activities.

Group activities