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"Artzy" Art during World War II

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Character Analysis

Answer these questions about your character.



What is your character's name?

What nationality are you?

Are you male or female?

What is your social class?

Describe your physical appearance.

Describe your vocal characteristics.

Do you have any handicaps?

Do you have any mannerisms (twitching eye, nervous movement of hands, etc.)

What is your main intention in this scene?

How do you make decisions?

Describe some emotions that you exhibit in the scene.

How are you involved in the action of the scene?

How are you introduced in the scene?

What part do you play in the climax?

What is the most important moment for you in the scene?

How will you react to the other characters?

Do you hate any of them?  Why?

Do you feel sympathy for any of them?  Why?

What are your political beliefs?

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