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"Artzy" Art during World War II

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Visual Understanding in Education

VUE's ongoing research into the needs and abilities of beginning viewers is central to the development and refinement of VTS. We have conducted a wide range of studies based on Housen's Stage Model of Aesthetic Development, which was derived from many years of studying the aesthetic thinking patterns of viewers and how they change given time and exposure to art. Additionally, several studies explore how the practice of VTS art discussions affects the development of critical thinking strategies that can be applied in different contexts and content areas.

Selected Directory of Studies

Principal Researcher: Abigail Housen
Research Associate: Karin DeSantis

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1.      Institute of Contemporary Art Boston Audience Pilot Study 1984

2.      Bard College/Red Hook School District Arts in Education Study 1988-91

3.      Museum of Modern Art NY School Program Evaluation Study Year 1 1988-1989

4.      Museum of Modern Art NY School Program Evaluation Study Year 2 1989-1990

5.      Museum of Fine Arts Boston Classical Curriculum Study 1989-90

6.      Museum of Fine Arts Boston Asian Galleries Brochure Study Spring 1990

7.      Museum of Modern Art New York Gallery Talks Study Summer 1991

8.      Museum of Modern Art NY Pilot Visual Thinking Curriculum Study Years I-III, Fall 1991-Spring 1994

9.      Museum of Modern Art NY Art Education for the Blind Pilot Study Spring 1993

10.  Byron MN Methods Museum Education Study 1993-98

11.  Visual Thinking Strategies Pilot Study St. Petersburg Russia 1994

12.  Visual Thinking Strategies Study St. Petersburg Russia 1994-96

13.  Bronx Museum of the Arts Cross-Cultural Connections Study 1995-96

14.  Kazakhstan Pilot Project 1995-96

15.  Museum of Fine Arts Boston Thinking through Art Pilot Program Study 1996-97

16.  Museum of Fine Arts Boston Thinking through Art Portfolio Case Study 1997-98

17.  Museum of Fine Arts Boston Teacher Interview Case Study 2000

18.  Eastern European and Central Asian Regional Program Soros Foundations of Estonia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Macedonia, and Ukraine 1997-2000

19.  San Antonio, Texas Independent School District Aesthetic Development and Critical and Creative Thinking Skills 2000-2002