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"Artzy" Art during World War II

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Lesson 5--Station 3 images






Twin Engines for Piper Aircraft, 8 x 22cms April 1954 by Boris Artzybasheff for Lycoming Engines.




The Wright Cyclone Engine with flying helmet 18 x 22cms. June 1954 by Boris Artzybasheff for Lycoming Engines.





Castings for a tractor, "Tough Armor for a tractor's works", February 1954 20 x 22cms by Boris Artzybasheff for Lycoming Engines.




The Model 47 Helicopter, " New vitals for this Korean Air Vet" December 1954 17 x 23cms.  By Boris Artzybasheff for Lycoming Engines




"Thanks to automatic XEROGRAPHY a revolutionary new system for the storage amd rapid reproduction of engineering drawings" HALOID XEROX, December 1958 21 x 33cms.  By Boris Artzybasheff




Pictures of disturbing emotions for the chemists Parke Davis & Company Detroit, October 1954.  By Boris Artzybasheff.


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