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"Artzy" Art during World War II

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The German Soldier's Perspective

Using the following resources, answer the questions below.  Keep in mind that you are a German soldier during World War II, serving under Adolf Hitler in the Third Reich.



***For more sites, go to and type in "Germans and World War II" in the search line.  A list of over 19,000 sites will come up.

Answer these questions on a separate sheet of paper.  You will refer back to your answers in later activities.


1.  What is your name?  What is your rank?  (Find a German soldier who served under Hitler that you can use as a reference for yourself.)

2.  Were you a prominent figure in any major battles between Germany and other countries?  Which ones?  What part did you play in those battles?

3.  Read about Hitler, and determine how you, as a soldier under him,  personally felt about him as a leader.

4.  What was the Versailles Treaty and how did this affect Adolf Hitler?

5.  When, how and by whom was Germany finally defeated?

6.  As a German soldier, what things might you have done differently if you were in Hitler's position?

7.  As a German soldier, what was expected of you?  What types of duties or obligations did you have to Hitler?

8.  What things have you done as a German soldier that you might be ashamed of after the war is over?

9.  What was your family like, if you had one?  Were you afraid for them?

10.  Read about Hitler's ideas.  Do you agree with them, since you are also German?

11.  As a German soldier, how do you feel about the United States?

12.  As a German soldier, how do you feel about Jews?

13.  As a German soldier, how do you feel about the Japanese?

14.  Who was Schindler and how did he differ from other Germans?

Next step:  Look at the German propaganda posters at the following sites: and .Examine some of the posters and then answer the following few questions.

15.  What do you think were the purposes for these posters?

16.  What emotions do these posters evoke in you, as a German soldier?

17.  What do these posters communicate about the German people?

Step 3:  Draw out a timeline of events during 1939-1945 that directly involved Germany in some way.  You will need this timeline for future activities.  Include as many major events that you can find in the resources above.  The following links will take you to easy to follow outlines of World War II.

World War II Home

WWII Chronology--


Step 4:  Click on the following link and read the letter written by someone else who was directly involved with the war, yet in different ways.  As a German soldier with the above information in mind, write a 1-2 page response to the letter.  Check the evaluation rubric as to how you will be graded on your response.


Step 5:  Click on the following link, which will take you to the group activities.  Keep all of your notes from this page.  You will need them for the group activities.

Group activities