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"Artzy" Art during World War II

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The American civilian's perspective

Use the following resources to answer the questions at the bottom of the page.  Keep in mind that you are an American civilian trying to get home from Europe during World War II.  Take on that role as you answer the questions.


Answer the following questions:

1.  What is your name?  How did you end up in Europe? 

2.  Why are you trying so hard to get home?  What is happening around you?

3.  What were the major domestic situations in the United States during World War II?

4.  Why was production so important in the US?

5.  What was the American family's opinion of the Japanese?

6.  What was the American people's opinion of Germany and Adolf Hitler?  Why were these feelings different?

7.  How did Americans initially respond to stories about the Holocaust?

8.  What were some of women's roles during the war?

9.  How did women participate in the military?

10.  What is rationing?  Why was this so important?


Now, look at some war posters from World War II.  Then answer the remaining questions, based on the images in the posters.

Poster sites:


11.  What was a victory garden?

12.  What major changes occurred in the US for women, as a result of the war?

13.  What were the primary purposes for these war posters?

14.  What is your opinion of the Pin Ups?  Do you think they were a good thing?  What did they symbolize?

Step 3:  Draw out a timeline of events during 1939-1945 that directly involved the American Homefront in some way.  You will need this timeline for future activities.  Include as many major events that you can find in the resources above.  The following links will take you to easy to follow outlines of World War II.

World War II Home

WWII Chronology--


Step 4:  Click on the following link and read a speech given to the Germans by Adolf Hitler during the earlier years of the war.  As an American civilian with the above information in mind, write a 1-2 page response to the speech.  Check the evaluation rubric as to how you will be graded on your response.


Step 5:  Click on the following link, which will take you to the group activities.  Keep all of your notes from this page.  You will need them for the group activities.

Group activities